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How 4 Arrested Cops Stole Sh373,000 From A Herder In Nairobi

Details have emerged about how four police officers trailed and robbed a herder of Sh373,000 in Nairobi moments after he had sold meat he ferried from Nairobi.

Four police officers were Friday arrested after they robbed the herder of the cash in Kamkunji area, Nairobi.
This was moments after he had sold the meat.

William Tongoyo had ferried meat from Narok to Burma Market and sold it for cash before walking back to the city center to head back home.

An impromptu police identification parade had to be conducted at the junction of Ronald Ngala and River Road to out the four rogue officers.

The herder told police while on Charles Rubia road, heading to Nyamakima area where he was to take a public service vehicle back to Narok he was stopped by three police officers in uniforms.

The officers then handcuffed him and informed him he was loitering in town aimlessly with the intention to commit a crime.

He had slaughtered his 12 cows and delivered the meat to Nairobi which he sold to a butcher in Burma Market.

After his arrest at about 11 am on Friday, June 2 he was taken through a lane he could not recall where the officers searched him.

One of the officers then grabbed the cash before they removed the handcuffs and told him to go home.

The victim said he tried to follow and protest the officers in vain as they disappeared into a crowd in the area.

He later walked to Kamkunji police station where he reported the matter narrating his ordeal.

This prompted an impromptu operation led by the Central sub-county police commander Doris Kimeli and detectives from the DCI.

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The commanders demanded that all officers who were on patrol within that area should report at the junction of River Road and Ronald Ngala Street around midday.

Police are usually deployed to specific areas for foot patrols to deter crime in general and all those on duty are known.

When the complainant was brought to the parade to see if he could identify any of the officers, he immediately identified one officer who was on patrol in the area.

The officer later identified two of his colleagues who were with him.

The three officers were disarmed and escorted to Kamukunji police station where a fourth officer turned up later and when

Tongoyo saw him coming upstairs he also identified him as one of the three who had stolen from him.

All four were searched but no significant money was recovered, police said.

They were booked in the cells for the offense of stealing pending further investigations.

This is the latest such incident involving police officers amid calls to address the trend.

Police are usually involved in such crimes but authorities say they are isolated and are being addressed.

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