Kenyans To Pay More For Electricity As EPRA Announces New Tariffs

by Eagle Reporter

Electricity prices are set to go up after a review by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

In the new tariffs, the energy regulator has split customer clusters into three categories.

Customers using 30 units and below will now pay Sh12 per unit from Sh10.

Customers using between 11 and 100 units will now pay Sh15.80 per unit from Sh10 previously.

Charges for the third cluster consuming between 101-500 remains the same at Sh15.80 per unit.

In October 2020, Kenya Power submitted a request to Epra to increase energy charges for the next three years.

The new tariffs take effect on April 1 this year.

“With a view of meeting the social policy objective, the Lifeline Tariff band has been reduced from 100-kilowatt hour(kWh) per month to 30kWh, to cushion and address the needs of low-income households in the society,” Epra said.

“Accordingly, these consumers will be cross-subsidised by the other consumer categories in order to protect the vulnerable members of society. Despite this reduction, the Lifeline Tariff band will account for 6.3 million customers, representing 71.31 per cent of the total number of consumers. This covers a majority of the vulnerable sector base also known as ‘Hustlers’,” the regulator added.

The review by Epra will however have a positive impact on various customer categories with the street lighting tariff bracket set for the greatest cost reduction of Sh1.88kWh by 2025/25 compared to the current rates.

Commercial and industrial consumers will realise on average a reduction of Sh1.15 per kWh with Epra saying “this will help spur economic activities of the manufacturing industries and in turn lower cost of goods”.

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