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Rally Maxine Wahome Is Flight Risk, Prosecution Claims

Rally Driver Maxine Wahome

Rally Driver Maxine Wahome now claims that her late boyfriend Asad Khan was the one taking all her sponsorship money.

Through her lawyer Phillip Murgor, Wahome told Justice Lilian Mutende that all her sponsorship money went to Khan and his brother.

In her submission for bail on Tuesday, Murgor claimed that the late Khan was abusive and also took her sponsorship money.

“Asad was a mechanic who helped Maxine fix her rally cars and when she got famous All the sponsorship money ended up in the hands of Asad and his brother Adil,” Murgor claims

“Those sponsorships went straight to Asad and his brother Adil and as she stands here she does not have anything in her pocket and very little in her bank account,”

Murgor said Wahome got into a relationship with Khan who died aged 50 when she was 22.

He added Wahome was a nursery school teacher at a nearby school and it is the deceased who was the one who tracked her down and got her contact.

Murgor urged the court to release her on reasonable bail arguing that Wahome was a victim of domestic violence.

He further argued that the state does not have a compelling case against her to deny her bail.

Murgor sensationally claimed that the late Khan’s brother Adil was in possession of her rally car and he is demanding Sh2.9 million to release it.

The judge told Murgor that the allegation was extreme and that she would not record it.

Murgor explained why Wahome could not go to visit Khan in the hospital saying she did not want to face the deceased’s, hostile family.

Murgor also argued that there were people who saw Khan walking out of the house himself to go to the hospital.

Wahome says she chose to call her mother when she was being beaten so it is not unusual as has been claimed by the prosecution.

Murgor told the court there is evidence from medical reports which show that Khan was drunk at the time of admission.

“He was completely drunk when the specimen was taken from him,” Murgor said.
The lawyer urged the court to grant her a good bond saying she will not abscond and that she is currently staying with her parents.

However, the state has opposed her release on bail saying she can interfere with witnesses.

The prosecution said it is Khan who trained Wahome to be the best rally driver that she is today.

“My Lady the accused was a rookie and it’s the deceased who made her to be who she is now as the celebrated rally driver. “

The state said Wahome’s actions after the unfortunate incident were of someone who had something to hide.

The first responders after the incident at the scene were her parents and not the police as had been alleged by the defense.

According to Khan’s brother Adil, his brother was injured by Maxine after she allegedly returned home drunk from a dinner party she had attended.

Maxine told police Khan was injured in an altercation with her after she came home late in the morning.

She added he broke a window pane that injured him in the ankle as she hid on a balcony.

She is the daughter of another motorsport legend, Jimmy Wahome, and she rose through the motoring ranks to become the first Kenyan woman to score points in the World Rally Championship-supported junior category when she won the WRC3 category for drivers aged 27 and below in June this year behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta R3.

WRC has since withdraw

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